Australiana Collection

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Australiana Collection

Wanting a scent of the bush or native florals, we have hunted high and low to find the most amazing fragrances of Australia.

Large Approx Burn Time: 50 hours

X-Large Approx Burn Time: 70 hours


Bergamot & Banksia - A fresh citrus and floral fusion with bergamot, grapefruit and lemon peel, combined with banksia, fir needle and cassia bark.

Australian Sandalwood - A rich, woody blend with a true to life aroma. 

Kakadu Plum - Stunning fresh notes of fir needle with a twist of orange and the natural, herbaceous scent of leafy green intertwines seamlessly with the comfort of vanilla, through to blood plum which further compliments this scent and culminates in the spicy allure of musk and fresh cucumber.

Wild Rosella - Wild Rosella is an introduced species that typically grows in the most north parts of Australia from Cairns in the east through to Broome in the west. The petals can be used for making jellies and dessert garnishes.

They have a tart flavour with a raspberry/rhubarb/plum quality.

Lemon Myrtle - Fresh, green herbal notes perfectly combine with light citrus to create this unique Australian scent.

Native Bamboo Grass - Clean and fresh with spearmint, lime zest and additional ozone notes balanced with lavender, fresh cut grass and a slight woody, spicy finish of cedar wood and nutmeg.

Rivermint & Bush Iris -  A native herb blend with the taste and aroma of spearmint.

Top notes are fresh and green, with a heart of mint and herbal elements.

Native Lime - A gorgeous combination of Lime, citrus and finishing off with fresh florals 

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